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This website uses cookies without tracing the user’s identity.

A cookie is a simple text file that is stored on your computer. They allow collecting information such as the type of device, type of browser, time spent in the website, visited pages and else, chronology, preference of language and user’s names in case of logged users. The information are used for safety purposes, to make web surfing easier, to display information in a more effective way, and to customize your experience while visiting the website, as well as for monitoring purposes. In theory, the use of cookies allows acknowledging your computer to make easier the use of the website, but not your identity (except for logged users that accede if and when required through using login and password or in case they subscribe to a newsletter). Also statistical information on the use of the website can be collected, in order to keep improving design and functionalities, to understand how guests use the website and to allow the answer of questions concerning the same website.

If you wish that there are no information collected through cookies, there is a simple procedure in most of the browsers allowing to refuse automatically cookies, or the chance to choose if refuse or accept the transfer to your computer of a specific cookie (or cookies) from a specific website. Information on procedures to be followed to disable cookies can be found in the website of your Internet browser provider. Nevertheless, if cookies are disabled the web site may not function properly.


April 2023

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